Thursday, August 2, 2007

You Need to Read This.

Have you ever felt sick to your stomach? Enough to make you run to the bathroom to throw up? I have. Right after I watched this video, I came straight to blogger to let people know that animal abuse is more than what you even think you know. It's sickening. People that are willing to put animals through as much pain as the animal's in this video, needs to be locked up. I don't know how anyone could sleep at night doing what these men did, but I want to do whatever I can to put a stop to it. I have a dog named Harley Roxanne Piper. She is my little golden girl. I love her so much. If I ever saw this done to my dog...I would tear the limbs off the person responsible. I would make them suffer more than Jesus did on the cross. They would pay. These people are doing a horrible, disturbing thing. Please do something, let people know that it is NEVER O.K to EVER hurt an animal.This is something that deserves more than punishment, it deserves SUFFERING. Go to this link, but I'm warning you, if you can't handle the first few seconds, it's most-likely you won't be able to handle the rest. However, if you can't watch it, at least send it out to other people so they can be aware of this. You can always send them the link to my page too, by just copying and pasting the web address above to an email. It's down below called, "Animal Abuse is So Disturbing". Go to it, but I'm warning you, it shows how truly terrible animal cruelty is.

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